the2vvo: Vor Ort happened, time to say goodbye.

9 Aug

It was fantastic a chance, a fantastic team, a fantastic time. We learned a lot from the place, from the people we met along the way and from the whole experience of doing Independent Project ON SITE. Thanks CEC Artslink for the support and we want to say huge thank you to all the people who supported us, believed in us, helped us, hosted us)
See you soon, LA ūüėČ
And hey, how are you doing, Almaty?)

photos are done by Irene Yu.


the2vvo: exhibition opening today!

30 Jul

Last bits and pieces come together and we have an opening reception today, in Studio 106 in Santa Monica. If you are in LA Рdrop by to see Vor Ort sound sculpture.



the2vvo: workshop on interactivity and art happened.

28 Jul

Beginning of this week was a productive start for a busy schedule. It started with the workshop from the2vvo and Dillon Bastan on Tuesday. Together with Studio 106, that made a very welcome to the guests of the session, we gave an intro the basic principles of working with such tools as Arduino, Max, Maxuino and several sensors. Also, during the first part of the workshop, there was a brief glimpse into the theory and key ideas behind its development.



Workshop - slides_1Workshop - slides4Workshop - slides203

Final days of Youth Creates @ 7Stages, Atlanta

24 Jul

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This weekend we had the opening show for DIG!, a devised theater piece that was created at 7 Stages as part of their Youth Creates program, a 5 week intensive program where international artists create new work every year. This year‚Äôs theme was ‚Äėroutes to your roots‚Äô and during the 5 weeks of training, workshops, interviews with people, script writing, rehearsals, the students and artists from U.S, Holland, Israel and Romania created this new exciting show that talks about our past and ways to look at the future. Being a 2015 ArtsLink Fellow,¬† I was very lucky to come back at 7 Stages and to take part in this program where together with all the artists involved we managed to find new ways of working or developing our ideas and make plans for future collaborations.

Thank you for the support CEC ArtsLink! You helped me make a big step forward.

the2vvo: tests.tests. tests…

23 Jul

Researching, testing, drawing, coding, reading, learning, trying out how all comes together on smaller scale experiments.

the2vvo: theme outlined. sketching, researching, testing together with Dillon Bastan

21 Jul

At this stage we have already outlined the concept for the installation – it’s gonna be based on Earthquake data. The theme is very specific for LA. Now follows the phase of concept development that brings ideas into the actual form. ¬†Scouting LA for materials, tests and data research – that’s what we are up to these days.


the2vvo: workshop programme is set

19 Jul

We are really happy to announce that we have outlined our workshop program and created this poster keep your eyes on the event)
You can also find our outline of the workshop over or we can quickly outline it here for you as a quote
“Dear comrades. This month we are in Los Angeles working on our Vor Ort project in collaboration with local new media artist, developer and musician Dillon Bastan (aka _integrate), commissioned by CEC ArtsLink. We are very happy that both the installation piece as well as the workshop event will be held in the amazing venue Studio 106 LA, right next to Santa Monica airport.

We would like to invite you to participate in the 3-hour long workshop on interactivity. Basically, we’ll be speaking about some practices in the interactive art world, give a brief introduction to software like Max/MSP and Ableton Live, hardware such as Arduino and show off some ways of making things around us interactive by the means of digital technologies. If you are new to this, but want to try this art field out, or even have a little bit of experience Рthe event should be pretty fun. Might be especially interesting to musicians and artists.

Workshop structure:

6 PM – 7 PM

  • Introduction
  • Some history and theory
  • Software/hardware installation / introduction

7 PM – 8 PM

  • Showcase of patches and interactive setups
  • Explanations how things work
  • User participation

8 PM – 9 PM

  • Participants project
  • Q/A

The whole event will be in a very informal environment. Feel free to bring your own arduinos, midi controllers, etc.

You can download and preinstall Max, Ableton and Arduino software from here:

Also we’ll be happy to connect with you:

WHEN: Tuesday, July 26, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)¬†–¬†
WHERE: Studio 106 LA – 3021 Airport Avenue #106, Santa Monica, CA 90405 –¬†